Memory Patterns

Behind most everything that exists in the outer world as we know it, there are energetic patterns of various sorts. Out of the invisible vibration there is a force which gathers and shapes all substance into light, sound and matter. From the human standpoint we acknowledge these patterns as they impact our lives as thoughts, emotions and physical manifestations. These patterns carry memory and through having a greater understanding of how memory works, there can be meaningful change in clarifying and transforming all aspects of our lives. In her book “Awakening Intuition”, Mona Lisa Schulz says “we have other memories besides those in our brains. Memories and experiences and the emotions associated with them are also encoded systematically in all the tissues and organs of our bodies. These memories and emotions speak to us, not via the rational processes of the brain, but by means of symptoms and disease in our bodily organs.”

Memory patterns exist under three umbrellas: environmental (social and religious), genetic (race), and atomic (karmic). Essences of all the factors that are in the world are contained in each person individually. As the individual changes, so does the world.

When identity shifts to the eternal presence of Being, much of the encoding that keeps human experience in conflict can unlock and be released forever, letting something new appear. The way this works can be visualized this way: The human nervous system collects information about a memory pattern in an organ, gland or tissue that is seeking clarification and conveys this to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the integrator between the nervous system and the endocrine system. Then the hypothalamus calls to the endocrine system for assistance energetically speaking. Answers come from Being through vibrational essences in the endocrine system, bringing  balance into the human framework. All of these seven windows have unique qualities and creative influence that function in different ways to bring healing. As needed one of these windows will address specific factors in the field of the memory pattern.

Many moments in life are spent refining and clarifying our purpose. Whether it is comfortable or not we provide a service through these memory patterns that call to us for atonement—they are coming out of a darkened state seeking the light. In Attunement with Being an invitation is extended to come to wholeness.

Attunement Blessings,

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