Cycles of Seven – Part 1

This article will be the first of a series of seven that was part of a teleconference last year during the Attunement Intensive in Kansas City,MO. When faced with a life threatening illness four years ago I decided to work in consciousness, reviewing my life in cycles of seven and journaling my thoughts. I heard that your life passes before you just before you step through the veil between the outer and inner worlds, so I thought, why wait? In these notations I relate each of the seven cycles of seven years to a level of Being as understood in the ways of Attunement wisdom. Each is a part of a specific cycle that I perceive is emphasized for seven years. Eternal Being is vast and contained therein are simple yet powerful pulsations that, if listened to and honored, help us through this earthly journey. Fortunately, they are at work whether we understand them or not. As my father has said, understanding comes with “keeping your heart open”. As I reviewed these cycles from the perspective of Being, without judgment or regret, or with an effort to clear distortions or holding onto pleasant memories, something shifted. Being contains the frequency of forgiveness that releases the weights that hold us back, thankfulness for the immense protection that surrounds us constantly, and unspeakable joy which is our inherent nature. So my focus rested in these truths. My reason for sharing this is in the hope that it might be of use to you for your own conscious considerations. It helped me more than I can say. Certainly each of our lives is unique and personal experience will be different. Blessing be upon thee. Ages one through seven—the Thymus vibration—essences of purification
  • The womb time is emerging through the veil; I remember heaven.
  • Each individual comes into this world pure, innocent and vulnerable.
  • In each generation a mantle of purpose and responsibility is passed on.
  • Earthly hereditary and divine heritage make up the same world of space and time.
  • The subconscious mind is naturally open, a virtual sponge. Patterns are established in these years that have an influence for the entire life.
  • Our impressions of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste primarily begin here.
  • Awareness and sensitivity to the outer world is established. This applies to the acceptance or rejection of how one relates to the opportunities that land on the individual’s doorstep—the attraction to things that are comforting or compulsion to create boundaries because they are not appropriate in life’s experience. There is a deep emotional component to choices that are made and the directions that are chosen.
  • Parents/caregivers. First intimate contact is with mother and father. Their atmosphere is the first outer womb and plays a critical role in developing personal atmosphere (pneumaplasm).
  • To this day I mimic their behavior and watching their reactions in various situations has shaped me as an individual. I interpreted these behaviors as reality.
  • I remember parents who loved each other and I thrived in this presence. I remember almost being pulled away by a wave. We were on a landing, standing on large rocks at the beach after a hurricane; my mother had my hand. I was swept up in a powerful wave. A man caught me. I am safe. I remember the strength in his arms, I am protected.
The development of the immune system happens primarily in the first seven years. Being breast fed or not, the impositions of vaccinations, sleep habits, quality of environment, food, water and air all determine the strength of capacity to handle all the factors (stressful and helpful) later on. A healthy Thymus gland both physically and energetically is a key factor in the intelligence system that protects the physical form and the emotional body from the antagonistic factors in the external environment. This relates to human and divine immunity. It is the energetic protector of the emotional body (heart). It is the Guardian Angel. Mantra: I was tenderly and deeply loved when I first came into this world. I was happy to be here. The gifts and challenges I have are still a work in progress and I bless them all. The lineage of being pure, innocent and strong is what I pass on.
Attunement Blessings,

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