Meditations on the One Law

Radiation  –  As I am in the Holy uncluttered place of Eternal Being, I am aware of the wisdom that is offered to me from the Creator. This sacred communion is of the deepest nature, and out of this connection, my personal service moves into the world through my daily living. In the stillness of this space, where virtues of enrichment, blessing and healing are freely given, I am honored to intercede quietly or boldly in Love’s name. Response  – There is that which is asking and waiting to be embraced in the Creator’s love through me. I sense what is returning on the wavelength of my prayer is full of possibility. With respect and gratefulness I welcome these lines of force, which have been established and placed in my field of energy. They have a place here for a cycle of time and are not mine to keep or take personally. I will work with them in compassion and understanding. Attraction    – What is destined to come together, to be here now, begins to gather and take shape according to Life’s Will. What it will be is part of the great mystery of creation. The unseen is showing itself as never before. It’s clear that many factors have been seeking their own kind and wish to fulfill the greatness of what is for the highest possible good. As the substance settles and rests, it can be seen as rich and abundant. Union    – When any two fields of energetic substance meet, a third field appears. This dynamic emphasizes the magic of the forces that are at work and makes clear how the laws of creation are fulfilled. The level of union is where the perfect pattern in all things reveals the full power of agreement in experience. As the guarded human resistance is let go, a new configuration and trust is shared and one knows complete safety in the oneness with all people and things. This art of blending is “The Dance” with all its wondrous rhythms. Unified Radiation   – What has been released by the Creator weaves its immeasurable joy and must complete its path fully. Being a part of this inevitable journey of all things, and having joined the tapestry of how everything is connected as it courses through our lives, we let it all move back into the greater light. This is how things are supposed to be. We have witnessed the unconquerable, unstoppable presence through the network of creator beings who live on Earth. Mantra   – Let the Attunement of the Creator be offered by the beings who live in His/Her domain through the substance of their living to the glory of the all that is.
Attunement Blessings,

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