The Spirit of Love

Eternal awareness, focused through Attunement training and experience, originates in the pineal gland. Here is the entry point of the “one who dwells”. From his/her robe of radiance, the positive triune ray emanates the greatest force that exists. The previously considered six endocrine glands, and their related spirits of Being and energies, are differentiations of this one current which is called the Spirit of Love. These ranges of spirit are the many mansions in the house of Love, all profound, all beautiful. Here, in the secret place of the Most High, is divine intelligence, the knowing of cosmic order. Since the beginning of time, the pineal gland has been revered by spiritual, religious, and tribal leaders. The pine cone, which is the symbol for the pineal revealed in many ancient teachings, represents eternal life and the seat of higher awareness. The Pope’s name, “holy see”, has a direct reference to the third eye, which is another symbolic term used to describe the pineal gland; the pine cone is also a part of the tip of his staff. Crowns of jewels worn by royalty were designed to focus cosmic energies through the pineal for greater knowledge and inspiration from God. Such is the cone-shaped wizard’s hat. A large pine cone statue graced the temple of Isis. It was said that her priests and priestesses had profound healing powers and could interpret dreams and control the weather. This statue today resides in the Vatican, which was built over the remains of an Isis temple. It has never been a matter of trying to get prophetic insight and it’s not exclusive to kings, gurus, religious authorities or anyone who outwardly governs others. It is freely available to anyone who is open and aligns with Love. The human ego, through both men and women, has tried to dominate these powers of mind, suppressing the complementary ranges of Love, resulting in the experience of impotency. To assure its authority, the ego has manipulated, slaughtered, pillaged, and destroyed any one or anything that disobeys its demands. We live in a world of war and divisiveness because earth-bound people refuse to yield to Love. The tragic absence of the Creator’s consciousness is soon coming to an end. The pineal is a mysterious gland. Recently scientists have discovered that it is covered with micro crystals, and they also acknowledge that it is capable of transducing light. Though it is small, about the size of a grain of rice (5-8 mm), it has great influence within the body systems. Its hormone, melatonin, modulates the circadian rhythms effecting the wake/sleep cycles. Melatonin also acts on the hypothalamus providing coordination between the nervous system and the rest of the endocrine system. According to David Brownstein, MD, this powerful hormone is the only one that is capable of entering every cell in the body. The way of Love is everywhere. Fluoride, a most detrimental halogen chemical substance, is easily absorbed by the pineal gland causing calcification and restricted function. Most water supplies, toothpastes and mouth rinses contain high amounts. Pineal disorders are linked to autism, cardiovascular disease, cancer, sleep disorders, depression, infertility, migraines, dementia, premature aging and more. Attunement Practitioners understand that great care and respect needs to be uppermost when working in any vibratory field, whether it is with an individual or a larger world pattern. This is especially important at the beginning of any attunement process as a sacred influence is directed over the pineal or when accessing assistance from the Spirit of Love. In this process there is a joining with an already present, perfect, undisturbed rhythm and intensifying that. Nothing else belongs in this current. The lord/lady is in his/her holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him/her. As a depth of stillness is reached, the unlimited, unstoppable power of Love floods through the energetic and physical bodies into the larger world. The changes needed in individuals and on this planet are assured, bringing an end to fear, war, death and all human suffering. This open door provides a sea of glass like unto crystal, stepping up the frequency of clear pneumaplasm everywhere so that the way of the Creator may fully appear. Love never faileth.
Attunement Blessings,

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