The Spirit of the Womb

As conveyed in the teachings of Attunement, the sixth range of Being called the Spirit of the Womb abides in the endocrine gland known as the pituitary. This “womb” is the place where the Spirit of Love is held safe and nurtured until it is time to begin its differentiation into all the other facets of creation. While destroying each other, for centuries the peoples of the world have been in search of the “cup” which embodies the presence, power and magnitude of Love. The “Holy Grail” has many shapes and forms, according to who is doing the looking. Yet all along it has dwelled within, closer than hands and feet and nearer than breathing.

The womb substance is the seat of wisdom and truth. This immensity has been referred to as the comforter and embraces the spirit of Love, as it is the holy dwelling place of the eternal presence. Our lives, and life on this planet with all of its intricate cycles, are shaped and directed through this specific field of energy. Some have described this as the focus of the negative triune ray and the beloved feminine face of deity. However you describe Her, the scope of enfoldment that flows through this vibratory window for all creation epitomizes the greatness of the all that is. This motherly or feminine aperture surrounds, understands, teaches, honors and allows what has been conceived by Love to come into form and to flourish. It sees all things and endures all things.

An important principle in the process of any healing is to be able to see, encourage and template in consciousness the perfect pattern. It is through the spirit of agreement that the pituitary/womb vitality is opened. Subsequently, one may work through the sixth seal to actualize the true design and control for the individual or collective cycle at hand.

For decades naturalists from every walk of wholism have looked to the pituitary as a beginning point of healing processes. It is considered the master or universal gland because it administers the function of the endocrine system, thus governing homeostasis throughout the body. What is known is that it regulates growth, fluid balance, digestion, reproduction, aging, hormone cycles, and sympathetic nerve pathways. It is the size of a pea weighing 0.02 ounces and is considered one of the most complex glands of the body.

Human beings have symbolically tried to usurp the design and control that this gland energetically represents of universal authority. “How’s that been working for you?!” Arbitrary designs such as money and material possessions, and control through external governments and religions with their perpetuations of war, have attempted to maintain external power and order. Yet the world monetary systems have failed, and no religion or government with their armies has ever ultimately prevailed. Now, many look to a transitional world reordering in the year 2012. Most cultures have envisioned a time of great change, giving way to the next restorative pulsation from a galactic standpoint.

Whatever is to occur is being addressed from the standpoint of a cosmic tapestry that naturally is considerate of all the multitude of factors, including this beautiful planet. Aligning ourselves through the Attunement current with what is already in motion puts us in a place of “holding the sacred space”.  As we live in this womb energy and say “blessed is the truth that abides in the name of Love”, we provide a field of connection with eternal presence that is both visible and invisible, allowing the wisdom of what is to come and what is to be done “on earth as it is in heaven”. This is the prayer of Being as the outstretched arms of the Divine Mother holds all in Her embrace.

Attunement Blessings,

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