The Spirit of Life

As our awareness and knowledge of the Attunement landscape increases, there is a sense of the majesty of life. There is a feeling of reverence whenever the thyroid gland and the Spirit of Life it embodies is considered. Here is the meeting place of all the levels of creation visibly and invisibly. As there is a trust that everything is okay, and that much is available, it may become apparent that contained within the Spirit of Life are the origins of peace and the source of happiness. The voice of the All that is speaks through this aspect of Being and its sound is heard through the steady, rhythmical pulsations of this planet as it appears through the radiance and beauty of nature. The Aboriginal way of “singing the world into existence” accurately describes this truth. Remember too that “this life is the light of men (women)”. The light body which ascends and descends and is sensed in the atmosphere of an individual through their aura or pneumaplasmic field initially appears through this vibrational aperture. This is “the cloud of glory” spoken of in ancient texts that reflects the invisible substance of Being. The thyroid gland is described by some clinicians as “the happy gland”. If the thyroid is not functioning in balance, the individual has difficulty finding the joy of health. You may recall the pancreas helps supply fuel for every cell, the adrenals expend this energy, and the thyroid controls and regulates the tempo and pace by fanning or dampening all of the internal processes. The metabolic rate and operation of every organ and system, in particular the heart, lungs, digestive tract, glucose liberation, tissue repair, reproduction, growth, and most important the use of oxygen, is the responsibility of the thyroid. In the book Folk Medicine, D.C. Jarvis, M.D. says, “All the blood in the body passes through the thyroid gland every 17 minutes”. How can a two-lobed structure that weighs less than an ounce, produces less than a teaspoon of hormone each year, and regulates the activity of 80-100 trillion cells have such an impact on body function? “Life it is! Life’s urge it is! Mighty of appetite, powerful, and strong is this!—man’s (woman’s) enemy or friend!” Yet some people think that they can alter the codes of life, both globally and genetically. For example most of the foods we eat, including animals, consume nourishment from plants grown using genetically modified seeds. Cancer research is now in full gear to produce drugs that will alter the genetic code at the cellular level. Modern science, through stem cell research, is also attempting to manipulate the pathways of disease and physical deterioration. Attempting to outsmart the Creator is not advisable and has never been successful. We are made up of and are a part of the living organism called Earth. This planet is a gracious and generous host, but it can only exist within a framework of a larger design that is solely devoted to honoring its source of intelligence and cannot violate the divine order. Hopefully human beings will follow this example. Returning to the place of sacredness and respecting the delicate balance of life because we remain open in the Attunement consciousness, there is a relaxation and a letting go to what is really important, therefore, providing a service in the world that is valued above all else. “And I see I am a part of a great river that flows from heaven to Earth, abundant with all that is needed to fulfill my earthly journey, and I am glad to be a part of the wonder of life.”
Attunement Blessings,

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