The Spirit of Purification

The thymus gland represents the Spirit of Purification and embodies the heart of Being. It is the fourth opening, or midway point, in the seven expressions of the outpouring of eternal Presence. This carries great significance because it is the mechanism through which the finer, more delicate substance of the three upper levels of Spirit (relating to the thyroid, pituitary and pineal) may gracefully cross over to the three lower levels of Spirit (relating to the islets of langerhans, adrenals and gonads) and have impact. The thymus, therefore, is the portal through which this modification of power occurs so that the lower three planes may accurately and uniquely accommodate the greater tide of energy which is seeking to be visible and longing to accomplish what it is sent to do. In the human architecture, the thymus is the endocrine link to the immune response system (primarily T cells) working closely with the spleen (primarily B cells) to protect the body from foreign pathogens. Medical science considers these organs/glands to be the primary brain or intelligence of the network known as the lymphatic system. In a talk delivered in 1947, Uranda said, “If the normal function of the lymph processes could be maintained, there is no reason why the average human being could not live for hundreds of years.” As we age, medically speaking, the thymus is supposed to physically atrophy. However, from an Attunement perspective, the energetic dimensions of this gland dramatically expand to increasingly bring the essences of the heart of the Creator into the world. We spiritually mature! Human emotions have a primary influence on this divine aperture and that is why this statement was made: “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Only as the human heart is centered in the Being can Love manifest. Misalignment of this energy matrix fixes the emotions in a horizontal or downward pattern of orientation and the heart becomes vulnerable, taking in the distortions of the fallen world. When this happens the human heart becomes wounded or broken and the process of physical and social disease begins. From cancer in children to ethnic cleansing, innocence is violated. As Being is allowed to work at this level, it brings an assurance that speaks to letting the heart not be troubled or afraid. It emanates a protective power, the “flaming sword that turns every which way”, which declares that nothing shall enter in that defiles, works an abomination or makes a lie. We have symbols of the Spirit of Purification in what have been called guardian angels, spirit guides, God parents, etc.  There is evidence of this protective character in the world and when people agree to remain in this space of Being, knowingly or unknowingly, it reveals itself. A good example of this is the recent U.S. Air airline mishap in the Hudson River inNew York.  Although the aircraft had to make an emergency landing, everyone involved was watched over and held safe. On a larger scale, at the inauguration of President Obama, over two million people gathered peacefully in openness of heart to collectively experience a milestone of renewed hope. There was not one act of violence or any arrests. From a global perspective there are other indications that a clearly defined vertical door has opened, and it is in this place of Attunement with the Spirit of Purification that anything is possible!  In fullest service, perfect faith and uttermost surrender, eternal Being is seen and known and entered into.
Attunement Blessings,

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