The Spirit of Blessing

In Attunement teaching the physical organ known as the pancreas embodies the Spirit and substance of Blessing. It is the offspring of life itself and carries the nobility of the two balancing aspects written in the laws of creation. The manifestation of what we know as God, which is the interweaving of positive and negative universal forces, is revealed through this vibratory level. The physical organ declares this truth. The pancreas is only about six inches long, weighs approximately three ounces and secretes around 32 ozs. of fluid a day. Within this hallowed structure are small endocrine islets and it is estimated that there are close to a million of these present. The two primary hormones they secrete, as they constantly seek to balance one another, are Glucagon, which provides energy for the entire body and insulin, which controls this cellular fire. Here are the yin and yang forces at work. Any food substance that is absorbed into the human system is addressed by enzymes produced by this organ. Nothing escapes its influence and there is no physical life force without it. Here is a mighty revelation of many blessings coming from one outwardly small place. The exact, albeit compassionate, laws of life focus here. Every decision that is made determines an outcome. What happens at this level of spirit is the crucible of choice that defines whether the moment manifests blessing, or is absent of that power and is cursed. At the personal level, for example, if we curse in thought or word the flow of blessing is abated, creating confusion and a feeling that “nothing ever works out right”. If we consume unhealthy food substances and the body breaks down, then the outcome may be a complication like diabetes. There are also hereditary factors that are passed on to each generation. The myths of an angry, judgmental, controlling God are nonsense. There is simply the requirement to honor the way things work. The promise is “I will open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it”. Over the last few months the largeness of these implications has come home to many the world around in the ongoing financial crisis. For a long time monetary decisions have been made based on personal wants and desires. This has created a pattern of greed and over consumption that is seeking to come into balance. Many have not been content with what they have been given and personally generated, and have been living beyond the substance of blessing that is theirs to own. Our greatest challenge in this regard, individually and collectively, can be the avenue through which the greatest wisdom may come. As there is alignment with the magnitude of the Spirit of Blessing and a willingness to rest in the identity of eternal Being, we find that the abundance that is waiting to be received and given back is immense. It may not manifest in outer things like houses, cars and other external wealth; however it can simply, but profoundly, be carried in a presence of atmosphere that reaches into every aspect of life, bringing the richness that the world so desperately needs. It was said of Mother Teresa that all the worldly possessions she had were three garments—one to wear, one to wash, and one to embrace others. The latter is obviously not a worldly possession of clothing. Let me count and appreciate my blessings so that I can say, “surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Creator forever”. This is the Spirit of Blessing.
Attunement Blessings,

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