The Focus of Devotion

« Originally published October 2015 »
A simple truth that relates to everyone on this planet is that we are all devoted to something. The current of energy we identify as devotion is revealed through daily thoughts, words and actions.Devotion: Noun. Love, loyalty or enthusiasm to a person, activity or cause. Synonyms: dedication, allegiance, commitment. From the deeply personal, tender, quiet connection with the invisible to a strong, outward declaration, grounded in absolute conviction to just about anything, devotion is part of our every breath. Recently the question of devotion has occupied the hearts and minds of people the world around. We see a shift in the whole political dynamic in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, and in other countries as well, as to who should be in leadership, “insiders” or “outsiders”. In the religious realm devotion is apparent with the recent U.S. tour of Pope Francis, visiting Washington, DC, a session in the United Nations, ground zero in New York City, a school in Harlem, some of the most prestigious cathedrals in the world and even a prison; he asked for compassion, equality and faithfulness. Finally the most graphic event, touching the very core of humanity, is the dramatic migration of people leaving Syria—people who are escaping violence, seeking stability, safety and a new life. Devotion to country, devotion to God and devotion to family and friends is stirring the very fiber of reality itself.
Attunement Blessings,

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