Reclaiming Innocence

I have been meditating and praying on the nature of innocence of late. This is part of the very fiber of the Attunement way of life. I cannot share in the Attunement current, the life force of the all that is, unless I am in the place of innocence. Don Henley, the lead singer and drummer of the renowned singing group The Eagles wrote a song in 1989 entitled “The End Of The Innocence”. He wrote about the poisoning of this priceless range of the healing power by corruption, manipulation, violence and the misuse of authority. He describes it this way: “O’ beautiful, for spacious skies But now those skies are threatening They’re beating plowshares into swords For this tired old man that we elected king…” This describes, in my view, the trend of leadership throughout the world today. Consequently some of the human experience has fallen to a coarse, depressing and confused existence. The truth of the spirit of unconditional Love that embraces innocence, is present all around us. I observe its inherent nature in children, animals, the elderly and ultimately in the cosmic order. As Don Henley also penned in his song: “But I know a place where we can go still untouched by man. We’ll sit and watch the clouds go by and the tall grass wave in the wind.” When my 8 year old granddaughter says to me, “Poppy, let’s just sit and talk”, I know I must surrender to innocence. I put aside all the work for which I carry great responsibility. Then the world I weep over at times fades away and the beautiful grandeur of joy and innocence comes to the fore. To me this is the garden that is ever present and always has been. The master Jesus, while teaching those around Him, spoke of this aspect of life with these words, “Suffer (allow, permit) the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.” The generation of what we call pneumaplasm, the pure substance of Love through Attunement, allows, permits eternal life, the experience of heaven, to be seen and known and entered into. Here is the return to innocence. I welcome you to consider and experience with me this way of Being, to share the wonder of the child within and the innocence so longed for and needed in the lives of everyone today.
Attunement Blessings,

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