Inner Direction

Each year I establish a theme of inner direction and focus for my personal current of Attunement. I have shared my thoughts with some of you through our teleconferences and individual conversations that my theme for 2014 was “the heart within the heart.” Each month insight and experiences gathered around that larger influence of radiation. For instance, December 2014 was honoring everyone who, and everything that, crossed my path, extending a blessing of appreciation. For 2015 my theme is “living from the sanctuary of my devotion.” To me sanctuary is a sacred field of energy where the prayer of my Being resides, which may reflect in my home, but it is not limited to an external dwelling. It is a place of many attributes of the divine—safety, power, nourishment, rest and healing. I can gather these ranges of substance to hold a cycle or event that is still finding its fruition, or extend it out to wherever there is a need for protection or support within the scope of my awareness. Through my devotion to this atmosphere of Sanctuary first, I serve the world around me. Over the last few weeks I have seen a tremendous need for empowering innocence and compassion. Here are two beautiful examples that touched me deeply. The first is a letter to Santa Claus from my five year-old granddaughter.

Dear Santa, I would like to give a puppy to the children who are sad.                                                                                      Love,                                                                                      Julia

The second is part of the eulogy given by police commissioner William Bratton at the funeral service for one of the two fallen New York City Police Officers. There were at least 25,000 law enforcement officers that were present to hear these words. “Maybe there’s a reason for the struggle we are now in as a city, as a nation. Maybe it’s because we’ve all come to see only what we represent, instead of who we are. We don’t see each other. The people who are angry at the police, who support us, want us to be better. Even a mad man assassinated two men because all he could see were the two uniforms, even though they were so much more. We don’t see each other. If we can learn to see each other…. to see that our cops are people like Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, that our communities are filled with people just like them. If we can learn to see each other, when we see each other, we’ll heal. We’ll heal as a department, we’ll heal as a city, we’ll heal as a country.” Expressions of innocence and compassion like these prevail all around us. These are the tidings of comfort, joy and of good news. What flows through these hearts is part of my heart. It is kept safe and strengthened in the larger Sanctuary we all contribute to, bringing a quiet power that fills that space with peace and good will to anyone or anything that is open to sharing in the presence of unconditional Love. Blessed be this consciousness of Attunement that is in the world. “May thy light shine forever on the Sanctuary of our devotion, and may we be able to awaken thy love in all hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda
Attunement Blessings,

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