The Spirit of the New Earth

In the basic knowledge and teaching of Attunement we have a great respect for the invisible forces that are at work and impact our lives from a cosmic perspective. Human beings have a specific responsibility to receive and work with these powerful currents and let them have a creative effect as they influence our day-to-day rhythms at the planetary level. Part of humanity’s journey is to care for planet Earth and its related life forms. The human body is perfectly designed to accommodate these universal vibratory factors allowing them to bless and revitalize the resonate field around us. The Endocrine System plays a major role in all of this because of its ability to focus specific qualities and intelligence physically and energetically. The first of the seven endocrine glands is the gonads, which release hormones that have a primary responsibility in reproductive function. The role that this gland plays relates to the beginning and ending of all things, at least as far as human existence is concerned. The more symbolic meaning—the Spirit of the New Earth—of this invisible gateway relates to how the cycles in our lives can reach their final destination. When completion of any accomplishment occurs, the substance of what is done outwardly blesses our lives and at unseen levels, moves to those around us and back into the earth of the planet. We could visualize this as creation moving from heaven to earth. We sense much of this through our closeness with one another. The emphasis at this level primarily relates to our ability to nurture and to experience intimacy. So much of what we know as fulfillment is determined by how much our individual spirit of the “new earth” is working through our expression.  If there is a lack of clarity in this area of function, then regrets in life may manifest.  When this occurs there is a tendency to become frustrated and to force matters, especially as it relates to the human body and the planet. Distorted thinking and behavior is evident and we see coarseness throughout civilization—the proliferation of pornography, body makeovers (surgerically, etc.), use of chemicals like Viagra or steroids, which manipulate the body systems to perform, and the cloning of animals (maybe eventually humans) are a few examples. From a human standpoint there has been the idea of needing more, bigger and better, extracting as much from the Earth as possible, disregarding the natural rhythms as well as being disrespectful and impatient in honoring nature’s design. One outstanding example of this has occurred over the last couple of years. According to many articles that I have read there has been a mysterious decimation of the honey bee population especially in Germany (25%) and the US (60-70%), which is gradually reaching catastrophic proportions. The primary causes being looked at are spraying wildflowers with herbicides and practicing mono-culture. The second possibility is the overuse of genetically modified plants particularly in the U.S. The chemicals and toxins they give off may have altered the surface of the bee’s intestine causing parasites and mites to enter their systems and destroy them. Also the radiation from the use of cell phones that disrupt the bees’ navigation system keeps the bees from returning to their hives.   The consequences for agriculture and the economy could be enormous. How we function with regard to this endocrine gland at the level of the New Earth is magnified outward to include how we relate to the planet as a whole. If we love our bodies—accepting them just as they are; appreciate our minds—keeping our consciousness open to the greater intelligence; and are content in our hearts with whatever we have been given in life, then we are in position to extend what is considerate and kind to others and to our home we call the Earth. Uranda (Lloyd Meeker) once emphasized that there should be a perfect relationship between man/woman’s field of creative activity and the magnetic currents of the Earth. My prayer is that we return to this order and this beauty.
Attunement Blessings,

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