All Prayers are Answered

« Originally published March 2007 in The Unified Field »
Each day we live on Earth we engage in creating and creations. Some creations originate from us personally; others are more complex and are generated from the collective. These are all influenced by larger patterns of creation that have universal significance. It is more and more apparent that what have become the realities of this world are consequent upon individual manifestations every moment of every hour of every day. We all long for something in life. It is different for each one of us depending on what age we are or what stage of life we are in, what our cultural or hereditary backgrounds are, and probably most importantly, what is the makeup of our spirit. There are certain common hopes and desires that cross over all of these elements. These range from acquiring wealth and material things to success and effectiveness in our career or life’s work, but probably most thought about is fulfillment in relationships, i.e. to love and be loved. All of creation is based on universal principles that are exact and powerful. These laws originate in the invisible and move out from us through lines of force that help us attract what we are seeking to have come into our lives. “All prayers are answered” is one way of describing this process. The answers to these requests rarely ever come when we want them to or in the way we thought they would appear. However, inevitably what we ask for emerges. It is important that the inner workings of any request come from a place of complete trust in how all of this works together and in an attitude of gratefulness no matter what the outcome. Letting these intense currents move out from a place of abundance allows the full potential of what should come to be actualized. Someone once told me that God is not holding anything back. Resistance in us will influence the results of any creation. The amount of resistance is determined by how well we care for our bodies and immediate surround, whether our thought patterns are negative or encouraging, and if our emotions are unruly or stable. But the primary complications that influence the outcome of any creative process lies in the inability to let go of past creations. My father always says, “You cannot stop the right thing from happening, but you can get in the way.” Often more time and energy is spent on what we don’t want rather than welcoming what is so beautifully right next to us waiting to pour into our lives. As we are patient and compassionate with our “human stuff,” it begins to dissolve leaving only the clarity of our being. We can then extend this to others and the world around us. We are creator beings loving, healing, nourishing, and from this vantage point we can say, “I will that it is so.”
Attunement Blessings,

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  1. Love your new website Joseph. The world is looking forward to all that you have to express here. Thank you for your light in the world and your willingness to share your insights and perceptions.

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